Friday, September 17, 2010

Mural, Mural on the Wall

This summer I had another opportunity to paint a large mural. This was a 10'x10' mural project in the front entryway of a beautiful two story home. Cypress wood was used throughout this beautiful home ie; large cypress tree trunks as columns, exposed cypress ceiling beams, large cypress steps leading to the upstairs and so much more. The mural was a scene from pictures I had taken of the Silver River in Ocala, Florida. My client wanted me to incorporate a gator, herron, and turtles in their mural even though they are not seen in these pictures. It was good to paint a large mural again.

On another note, in the past blog, I had mentioned how my studio was occupied with house furniture due to a flood in our house. I am very glad to say that my studio is back to normal again instead of a storage place. So it's time again for Jose to start painting in his studio. Now let's paint!

Here I am on my walking stage between two ladders.
Notice the guides on the wall and the image I used for reference.

The finished mural.