Saturday, June 16, 2012

Acrylic Texture

When my acrylic paintings are being admired by art lovers, they usually mistake them for oils. The number one reason for my paintings looking like oils is because of the way I mix my paints, the colors I use and the additives I use. I for one do not use any retarders/extenders with my acrylics to try to slow down the drying. I simply use water and I add a gel to my paints. The water keeps the paints from drying too fast and the gel adds extra body to the paints to achieve texture in my paintings. I add about 1 part paint to 1/2 part gel ratio to the paint being used. If I want extra texture then I just add more gel. Now let's paint!

Acrylic Gloss Gel on Acrylic Paint

Close up of a corner of one of my pantings