Thursday, February 10, 2011

Italian Mural

Here is the mural I painted recently. Unlike the last two murals that were painted on a smooth surface, this mural was painted on a wall that had a knock down surface. This texture is similar to Spanish-style stucco. It is a little harder to paint detail work, however I was in luck that the finished look was to have a very painterly style. The subject did not have very much detail so right after I chalked 1 foot square grids for an 4'x8' area, I proceeded to draw with a small brush. After drawing in the big shapes I dusted off the chalk grid as I painted in the same manner I use when painting outdoors "en plein air". I wanted the mural to fade out to the color of the wall so I feathered out the edges. Not all walls can be treated equal in the field of mural painting so muralists need to be prepared to paint on many types of surfaces. Now let's paint!

Here I snapped chalk lines every foot.

Here I drew the main shapes with a small brush.

Here I am filling in some minor details.

The finished mural.