Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve

Just before Christmas I finished another wall mural that I will be posting up soon so stay tuned. I wanted to share with you my new years eve project. I was painting or should I say touching up our purple martin decoys. That's right I have a couple of fake purple martin birds perching on their houses. They were a little dull from being up there last year and needed a fresh coat of paint. Also, to add to the mix we play a cd in the back yard with the sounds of purple martins. My neighbors just love the sounds of purple martins on repeat. ;-) I am trying to raise the odds of attracting martins this spring. I sure hope this is the year, and trust me if we don't succeed it's not for lack of trying. Keep your fingers crossed.

Purple Martin decoy.

Besides having a passion for drawing, painting, and photography; I also have a passion for playing an acoustic guitar. I spent new years eve with my wife Terry and playing the guitar with my friend The Legendary Barbara Beam

Well most of the time I was trying to keep up with her, but all in all we had a good time. It was fun playing next to a warm heater surrounded by X-Mas lights that made the whole evening special. Happy New Years!

Having fun strumming.